Mosquito Spraying in Neighborhood 2019

Please see the following message for information about Mosquito spraying to begin this week and continuing on Wednesdays estimated through October 1:

 Your Community’s assigned fog night is: Wednesday  Your community will only ever be fogged on Wednesday nights during the 2019 season  Fogging can occur anytime between 7:00 PM and 2:30 AM  The fog program will begin on May 29.  Fogging will not begin until the community has been notified and we have received the Community Notification Verification Form  October 1 is the estimated last day of fogging for 2019  Residents who do not wish their property to be fogged may file an exemption. The exemption policy and form can be found on our website:  Please stay indoors while fogging operations are being conducted  For Further information:    410-841-5870,  For information on the products used: