March 5, 2010: County Hearing on Sale of Oakwood Road Extension:

On Monday, March 21, 2011 at 7PM in the Arundel Ctr, Annapolis, the County Council will hold a special hearing to discuss Resolution 16-11 regarding Oakwood Road Extended (intersecting Old Mill Rd.).  This resolution is to approve this County-owned property as "surplus property" and "dispose of it" by sale to Snyder Homes (and/or actually to anyone else who might want to buy it) to allow continuation of development of the planned subdivision. Snyder Homes will be testifying at this hearing.  It is open to the public if you would like to attend or speak.  Questions? Call Sarah Hakulin, 410-987-1239. 

August 2, 2009: Decision of ALJ:

The variance & extension were granted on 7/31. The full decision brief is here.

August 1, 2009: Newer image of the proposed development:

Small Picture of Proposed Development (click for larger image.)

July 17, 2009--Hearing Report by Sarah Hakulin:

****Wade Property County Hearing 16 July

The county hearing for the Snyder Development Company requesting a variance and a special exception
was held on Thursday, July 16 at the Arundel Center in Annapolis. The case was made for an extension
of time to do the necessary work to develop the corner of Old Mill Blvd and Oakwood Rd so that an
Assisted Living and Town Center could be constructed in a residential neighborhood.
The variance request is for permission to build the Assisted Living facility and the Town Center.

Nine residents of Olde Mill attended the hearing. Four spoke voicing their concerns about the project.
Traffic, duplication of businesses, wetlands, and buffers were some of the concerns.
All comments will be weighed against the developer’s testimony and from comments from a
Planning and Zoning review of the proposed request. The decision of the Hearing Officer
will be rendered within 30 days, granting or denying the request.

There will be future meetings at the county regarding this project, including some pertaining
to traffic and roads. This meeting will be an important one to make a large showing.
Comments made at this meeting will become part of the official record of the proceedings.
Hopefully, these meetings will be held at a time when more people can attend.

Our voice can still make a difference.

March 11--2008 Reported by Tom Stag, VOMCA President

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From: Tom Stag
Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2008 4:02 PM
Subject: Fw: 55+ Developement in Old Mill Area

The following information was sent to me by Erik Robey the assistant to Mr.
Leopold. This is the update of the meeting held with the county and the
builder Snyder Homes on Friday, March 7.


Tom Stag
President, VOMCA

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From: "Erik Robey"
To: "Tom Stag"
Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2008 1:33 PM
Subject: Re: 55+ Developement in Old Mill Area


Sorry I have been out sick today, but yes Dennis and
I meet with Danny Boyd on Friday. He wanted to let us
know about the development before they submitted plans
to the county office of P and Z.

Communication seems to be the largest problem and
better communication should answer all the questions

Once the developer submits the plan to the county
they will be required to advertise and hold a public
meeting. Since this project is in the very early
stages your community will have a chance to comment
and work with the developer to make changes to the
plan and have your questions answered.

From our conversation on Friday it looks as if they
will be submitting plans to the county sometime in the
next 2 to as long as 12 months. We have asked that he
keep the community involved and up to date on the

As for the land for the EMS station I will make sure
to keep that in mind as the Tri Data folks finish the
fire station location study.



> --- Tom Stag wrote:
>> Erik,
>> I was wondering if you met with Snyder and Danny
>> Boyd? I was just curious if they made a forecast of
>> any plans for that site.
>> I met with Danny and Mr. Snyder back in December.
>> Mr. Snyder was in favor of donating some land to the
>> county for an EMS (Paramedic) station for the area
>> after I inquired about that.
>> If you could share any info , please let me know.
>> Thanks Erik.
>> Tom .

March 7, 2008--Reported by Sarah Hakulin, VOMCA Membership Officer and past President:

Proposed Development. Click for full-size pictureSnyder Homes has posted their subdivision sign on the property at the curve of Olde Mill Blvd and Oakwood. I was able to get a Project number for the project. With this number to identify the subdivision submission, I was able to view the file at the Planning and Zoning office today. This is public information and anyone can view the file with the Planner who has been assigned for the review of the proposal.

What has been filed is in regard to the 39 acres that abut the Mill Pond property and part of the properties and courts that touch the back of Ahearn Dr. property. It is a request to create a "bulk parcel" of this existing Wade property (lots 1-4) to become available for subdivision in the future. The entire subdivision amounts to about 90 acres, this parcel of 39 acres being a smaller part.

It is the part, however, that has been proposed for the Assisted Living structure and offices for BWMC (NAH). This part of the development cannot happen until the county approves the proposed bulk parcel creation. (Some of the community attended the meeting at Southgate School in September 2007 regarding the division of this parcel of land).

The parcel is currently zoned R1 and R2, which means that if the want to put the above structures on this property, they will have to change the zoning to commercial or some other designation that would be appropriate. This would mean county council meetings and hearings which could also be an avenue for the community to oppose.

The planner who is reviewing this file, stated that if the bulk parcel is approved, then another submission for the use of this land must be filed for county approval and more community meetings must be held to keep residents and associations informed of what is being proposed so that residents may have a voice , make comments and raise concerns. It is recommended that the builder present his plans to the community as a whole and not just to those who live within a 175 foot radius of the property in question.

Anyone who would like to look up this particular parcel can do so on Tax Map 16 Lots 1-4 Parcel 274. Some information about these parcels can be had via the state assessment website. I believe it can be accessed on the county website.

At this point, the comments that Tom Stag asked for in an email to selected community volunteers yesterday will be forwarded to Mr. Robey of the County office reflecting the community's feelings and we will keep track of the progress of this subdivision proposal and subsequent filings. Hopefully, the developer will address our association in the future. This is a long process, but we need to keep track and make our voice heard.

Again, no buildings, roads or other improvements or additions have been submitted by the developer, only a request for the bulk parcel to be created.

Any questions or comments, please email Sarah at oldemill72 at or Tom at tastag at

March 6, 2008--Letter Provided to the County as Input

Tom, here is my input:
The developer has never met with the community association in Olde Mill. Meetings that have been held have been through a representative (Beck Kurdle) or at closed door meetings with the engineers and the developer and the Presidents of Southgate and Olde Mill....not with the community as a whole.

Plans for the condition of Olde Mill Road have not been provided or discussed. Traffic problems will become a nightmare for residents at high volume times. The area or shopping at the end of Old Mill Road and Veterans Hwy will become so congested that traffic will be jammed and access to businesses in and out of the shopping areas will be extremely dangerous.

Elvaton Road is apparently not being utilized under these plans and the road lacks shoulders and width to help with any of the traffic, even if it was. Hospital Dr was suppose to be extended, which would provide for some relief of traffic problems, but is apparently on the back burner.

Even though this is to be a 55+ development, there will still be people working, the assisted living facility will be employing people, and the office buildings will both employ and attract clients adding to the traffic load. Many issues need to be addressed.

Wetlands in Olde Mill are a major issue especially where the proposed development is slated to be staged. Underground springs dot this area and disturbing the ground will cause major problems for residents who live along Ahearn Drive. Water will back up into basements and lawns causing mosquitoes and unhealthy standing water for families.

The meetings that were held were vague in content and buffers and exact information was not forthcoming. We have not been kept informed and we are the community that is directly affected by this project.

I feel that the builder needs to meet with the community and explain to us what his proposals are and how he plans to address the traffic, wetland and neighborhood changes that will happen as a result of this development.

Olde Mill is an aging community with a mix of young and old. We are a thriving community and we do not want to see our community compromised in any way. School busses carrying children to school at Old Mill and Rippling Woods Elementary fill the roads in the morning and evenings adding to the traffic issues that already exist in Olde Mill.

Communication would be the number one method to ease the concerns that come with any change and certainly with something as complex and ambitious as this particular project.

I am a former President of the Village of Olde Mill Community Association.

Thank you,
Sarah Hakulin

(shared before publication and also signed by John Tilden, another former President of VOMCA.)

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