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VOMCA Meeting
   Wed., June 2, 7:00 p.m., Old Mill Pool
Village of Olde Mill Crier

Volume 40,  Number  6  / JUNE 2010

President’s Message

   The next VOMCA meeting will be on June 2 , at 7:00 p.m. Summertime meetings, through August, will now be held at the Olde Mill pool. There will also be an OMSC/Pool Committee meeting at 6:00 on the same date. If you would like to volunteer or find out what’s going on, please join us. We are always looking for volunteers.

   I want to thank Ashley Smith and her father Dana for the cleanup of Barlowe Field. Ashley and her father also painted the basketball hoop supports. Ashley has done this for a second year that I know of. I left my President’s Message spot open in May for Sarah Hakulin’s interview with Ashley. I am both amazed and proud of Ashley’s volunteer work for the community. She is a remarkable young lady.

   We are sorry that we were unable to provide the community with a carnival this year. We have tried to make the carnival an annual event, however the company was not breaking even. We had been approached by another company and we will let them know after we make a determination if we still think it is an event that we can expand on.

   The county has been in touch with VOMCA about a traffic study along Old Mill Rd. and Old Mill Blvd. The county has requested that we form a committee with ten individuals in the community and come up with any ideas on what could be done to calm the traffic. If you are interested please submit an email to board@vomca.org. The county has informed me that those living directly on Old Mill Road would have input and that their requests would weigh more than other input from the association.

   I would like to remind everyone to get in their 2010 season dues for the Olde Mill Swim Club. The swim club offers swim lessons and serves as host to the Torpedoes swim team. I would like to thank all the volunteers who assisted at the pool this spring and extend a special thank-you to Kevin Kendall and Rick Behringer. Without both of these individuals’ efforts, we would not be able to get the season started. They have both put in many tireless hours each year so we all may enjoy the pool. Please pass your thanks on to Kevin and Rick if you see them at the pool this summer.

―Tom Stag, President


Rain Barrel Demonstration and Sale in Olde Mill!

   On Wednesday, July 7, at 7:00 p.m., there will be a sale of rain barrels during the July VOMCA meeting at the Olde Mill pool. You do not need to be a member of VOMCA or of the pool to attend the meeting or purchase a rain barrel. Barrels are white, 55-gallon plastic containers and they come with everything you need to make it operational such as downspout adapter, overflow tubing, and mesh basket cover.

   Barrels can be painted to match your exterior home color or to blend behind your landscaping. Arlington Echo is offering a special bulk price of $60 each for these barrels if we get at least 10 orders through our Watershed Steward, who is Olde Mill resident Stacy Epperson. If you purchased directly from Arlington Echo, you would pay $80.

   There is no obligation to buy, and the demonstration is brief. Come with questions, invite your neighbors, and do your part to reduce stormwater runoff! If you can’t make the meeting, you can pre-order the barrels. Contact Stacy Epperson at tryswim@comcast.net for more information.


Why You Should Install A Rain Barrel On Your Home

Did You Know? . . .

● 60% of lawn fertilizers are washed away by surface water

● 30% of nutrient & sediment overloading in the Chesapeake Bay can be attributed to non-point source pollution and human land use

● Anne Arundel County has the fourth worst air quality in the U.S., most of this pollution ends up in our runoff

   So what does this have to do with rain barrels? Some people might think that rain barrels are only used for water conservation during drought periods, when in fact they are just as useful during rainy periods.

The water that falls onto your roof carries air pollutants that are funneled from your downspout onto your driveway and into the street storm drain. The storm drain is a direct path to the Chesapeake Bay.

   Water that runs off your property can be loaded with nutrients from your fertilizer, bacteria and nutrients from your pet waste, and toxic chemicals from the pesticides and weed killers that have been applied to your lawn. By placing a barrel at any downspout that drains directly onto your driveway or impervious surface, rainwater can be collected from the roof and redistributed into a filtration area such as a rain garden or conservation plantings that consumes and filters nitrates, phosphates, and other pollutants.

   The barrels collect the first flush, the most critical rain that is loaded with pollutants, and then slowly releases the water to a garden or shallow dry well area. By diverting water from storm drains, the impact of runoff into streams and the Chesapeake Bay is greatly decreased.

―Stacy Epperson, Watershed Steward


2010 Safe Schools Act Helping Schools to Deter Gang Participation

   Unfortunately, schools have become a breeding ground for gang recruitment. In order to enable schools to effectively thwart gang activity, the Maryland General Assembly passed and the Governor signed into law the Safe Schools Act of 2010. While a prior law did require a law enforcement agency to inform a certain school official of a student, between the ages of 5 and 22, who was arrested for a reportable offense or an offense that is related to the student’s membership in a criminal gang, this Act strengthens the already existing law.

   Specifically, this Act expands the list of reportable offenses to include malicious destruction of property, second-degree assault, witness intimidation, retaliation against a witness, intimidating or corrupting a juror, and auto theft. In addition the Act requires the law enforcement agency to report a student’s arrest and their charges to the local superintendent, school principal and if the school has a security officer, the school’s security officer, within 24 hours of the arrest or as soon as practicable.

   This law also allows a court to notify specified school administrators if the court places a child enrolled in a public elementary or secondary school under the supervision or custody of a local department of social services or the Department of Juvenile Services. Additionally, the law requires the State Board of Education, to develop a model policy to address gangs, gang activity and similar destructive or illegal group behavior in schools by March 31, 2011. Along with prohibiting gang activity in schools, the policy must include the consequences and remedial actions for engaging in gang activity.

   This law will help close the existing communication gap between law enforcement agencies and schools and will provide the schools with another tool to address gangs in the school system. Research shows that two-thirds of all serious and violent chronic juvenile offenders are gang members and that youth who are active in gangs continue a pattern of violence, drug use, and trafficking well after they leave the gang. Active participation in a gang negatively impacts a student’s ability to do well in school, get a job, and develop positive social contacts with their family and community. The sharing of information permitted by this law alerts a school that a student may be at risk of succumbing to gang activity and allows the school time to provide intervention.

   Please do not hesitate to contact me on this or any other legislative issue of concern to you. As always, I encourage and welcome your input.

James "Ed" DeGrange, Sr.
State Senator, District 32
(410) 841-3593
(410) 841-3589 (fax)


Financial Reports

Treasurer’s report is as follows:

VOMCA Checking $6,345.31; Savings $3,066.38

Members: 123

    You can join your own representative association for only $15 a year and make a difference in the issues that affect you in your own neighborhood. See VOMCA application at the end of this newsletter.

 Swim Club Checking $25,367.35 *; Savings $19,130.00

*July and August payments total $13,950.00.  June has been paid.

Pool Members: 238  (Active: 171, Inactive: 67)

2 new certificates

   Remember to please get your membership packets at the pool gates. When the temperature is 90°+ in July, a cool dip in a pool right down the street would be very refreshing. This is an inexpensive way to have a mini-vacation every day or weekend in your own neighborhood…no bridge traffic, no tolls to pay, no endless swarms of people. Take advantage of the best “staycation” of the season―join the Olde Mill Swim Club!

―Sarah Hakulin, Treasurer


Dairy Farm to Become a County Park

   Hammond’s Connection at the Dairy Farm in Gambrills will become a 176-acre park which will highlight the rural and agricultural nature of the Dairy Farm. Construction of the Park has not begun, but the public is invited to explore the Dairy Farm during Open Days (every third Sunday from 1 - 4 pm rain or shine) and other special events. Join the many volunteers to learn more about the history of farming in Anne Arundel County.


Budget Maintains Low Tax Burden

   The Fiscal Year 2011 Budget maintains the lowest tax burden of any County in the Baltimore Region. In an economic downturn, I believe it is important to let taxpayers decide how to spend their own money.

In fact, the property tax rate has declined during my tenure from 93 cents per $100 of assessed value to 88 cents per $100 of assessed value.

This balanced budget maintains high-quality services while also reducing spending and making key investments in our future.

―County Executive John R. Leopold


Operation D.R.A.G.O.N. Nets 24 Drug and Gang Arrests

   The County Police Department conducted a six-month operation that yielded 24 arrests for drug possession and distribution in Brooklyn Park. Citizens were an instrumental part in the initiative because they had the courage to report criminal activity in their neighborhood. Police have identified several suspects as gang members.


First Large-Scale Solar Power Project is Coming to Millersville

   The Combined Support Services Building in Millersville will be the site of the County’s first large-scale solar energy project. The project will be designed to generate 500 kWh of electricity for the 165,000-square-foot facility, which provides office and warehouse space for Police, Fire, Facilities Management and the Board of Education.


Dredging Projects Mean Waterways are Open for Business

   The County recently completed its busiest dredging season to date, with eight important projects that will allow access and commerce along our waterways. The sites include Broadwater Creek, Carr’s Creek, Town Point Cove, Main Creek, Locust Cove, Mill Creek entrance, Brady Cove and Old Glory Cove. Hopefully the increased access will lead to more boat sales, which directly contribute revenue to future dredging projects.




Village of Olde Mill Community Association

2010 Membership Renewal

Please join your community association today. To join, complete this form, or visit the website www.vomca.org and join using PayPal. Please print the names of all members of your household who are 18 years of age or older, and mail it with one check for $15.00, payable to “Village of Olde Mill Community Association” to VOMCA, P.O. Box 366, Millersville, MD 21108. Membership card(s) will be mailed to you. 
   Association meetings are the 1st Wednesday of each month at Old Mill High School (June-Sept. meetings at the community pool at Barlowe Field).

Names of Adults in Household:         ____________________________________________



Street Address: _______________________________________________________________

Phone Number:_______________ (Unlisted?____)   Village Crier* Sign-up   Yes___  No___

Email: ___________________________   Occasional Volunteering:  Yes____No_____



*Note:  Our community newsletter, The Village Crier, is published online. You will be signed up automatically, via the  email address you provide, unless you indicate that you do not wish to receive the publication. You can also read it by going to the VOMCA website at www.vomca.org.

   VOMCA has made it possible to secure grants from the State and County for projects like the repair of sidewalks, repaving our  pool road, installing speed humps, and other community improvements. If we did not have an association and volunteers, we could not secure many of these benefits or services.

  • We sponsor an Easter Egg Hunt, Santa Visit, Community Carnival, and Community Yard Sale. With more members and volunteers, we could do even more.
  • We’ve been keeping up with what’s happening concerning the new development on the Wade property at Old Mill and Oakwood Roads. Learn more, come to a meeting. 
  • We work with local government concerning issues that affect our community. 
  • Elections are held in October for members of the Board of Directors. In order to vote, or to run, membership dues must be mailed and postmarked by September 1.

   Occasional one-time projects at the pool and Barlowe Field come up. If you can volunteer please email board@vomca.org or call 410-987-0316.
   Thank you,

   The Village of Olde Mill Community Association






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