AA Police Attending March 1st Meeting

In advance of our Village Crier notice, please plan to come to the Community meeting on Wednesday, March 1 at 7pm at OMHS to hear an officer from the Community Relations team address some of the crime issues we are having and have had in Olde Mill.  A playground incident most recently and car windows smashed earlier this year.  Members and non members are all welcome.  Bring your concerns and see how you can help keep you and your property safe and help the police as well.  See you there!
Any questions, email board@vomca.org

Village Crier Editor Needed

You may have noticed there was no issue of the Village Crier in January.  VOMCA is in need of a volunteer Editor for monthly issues produced and delivered electronically.  Intermediate experience in word processing would be very useful.  Anyone interested should contact board@vomca.org .

Special January Meeting

According to VOMCA’s President, Bev Parker:

“There will be a special meeting on January 17th, 2017 at 7PM.  The location will be 8324 Watermill Dr.   The purpose of this meeting is to vote on the budget for this year and a Pool Management company”.