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2014 News and Notes (outside of the Village Crier):

  • Elections for Officers (President, VP, Secretary, and Treasurer ) are coming up on October 1.  Sarah Hakulin has already announced she will not be running again as President.  Without officers, VOMCA would need to cease operations and the Olde Mill Pool would likely not be open in 2015.  If you are interested in the position you need to be a dues-paid member of VOMCA.  Contact the board via the email links on this page if you have any questions.
  • The decision for the Wade family property zoning exception is posted at the link.
  • Note: the Village Crier was originally posted on 3/3 with an incorrect Quarter Auction date that has since been fixed. The flier in the Crier was always correct. The correct date is May 9, 2014.
    TIME----7:00 P.M.
  • The boys of Troop 975, which recruits from Olde Mill, are doing a mulch fundraiser. Get it delivered to your house stacked where you want it!
  • We’ve posted the 2014 Budget (.pdf) online for reference.
  • We have pictures from the 2013 Christmas Decorating Contest online.

2012 News and Notes (outside of the Village Crier):

  • On July 6, 2012 the Olde Mill Swim Club hosted the signing of “Connor’s Law” by County Executive John Leopold.  Read more about it here.
  • There will be a special membership meeting for Olde Mill residents, particularly those interested in Kenora Drive traffic with Anne Arundel County Traffic Engineering.  The meeting will be at the Olde Mill Swim Club on Monday, April 16 at 6:30 p.m.

2011 News and Notes (outside of the Village Crier):

  • The Santa Visit Schedule for 2011 was inadvertantly left out of the electronic version of the Crier, so here it is.
  • The approved 2012 Budget for VOMCA and OMSC is online.
  • The original VOMCA Articles of Incorporation and the deed to the land known as Barlowe Field can now be found on the website.
  • Important Mosquito Spraying Information referred to in the May 2011 Village Crier can be found here:   Community and Map Info ; Request to be Exempted from Spraying.
  • Note:  This year’s Easter Egg Hunt will start promptly at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday April 16th–the rain date will be Sunday April 17th at the same time.
  • On Monday, March 21, 2011 at 7PM in the Arundel Ctr, Annapolis, the County Council will hold a special hearing to discuss Resolution 16-11 regarding Oakwood Road Extended (intersecting Old Mill Rd.).  This resolution is to approve this County-owned property as “surplus property” and “dispose of it” by sale to Snyder Homes (and/or actually to anyone else who might want to buy it) to allow continuation of development of the planned subdivision. Snyder Homes will be testifying at this hearing.  It is open to the public if you would like to attend or speak.  Questions? Call Sarah Hakulin, 410-987-1239.   Our Wade Property/Snyder Homes info page has been updated with this information and link to the Resolution.
  • Emergency Provisions to ensure VOMCA can continue to make operational decisions (like approving our budget) were enacted 3/2/11 due to a repeated lack of quorum.  They will be lifted once a quorum is achieved for a meeting.
  • VOMCA has received some inquires about tree removal in the common areas of Old Mill. I would like to stress to the community that VOMCA is only responsible for the Barlowe Field / Olde Mill Swim Club area. VOMCA does not own nor maintain any other “open areas” in the greater Old Mill area. If you have an issue with downed trees and suspect it is on an area of “open space” please contact Anne Arundel County Public Works at 410-222-7500 and ask about tree removal. The other county number is 410-222-7349. Thank you.  Tom Stag – President, VOMCA

2010 News and Notes (outside of the Village Crier):

  • REMINDER: Trick or Treating for Children is Sunday, October 31st between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.  Please have your porch light on if you are interested in giving out candy.
  • The 2010 actual Old Mill Swim Club Income and Expenses Summary is now posted.
  • This year’s Easter Egg Event information can be found in this flier.
  • With the major snowstorm on 2/5, or any future storms, if you still have not been plowed you can use this County website to see the level of service for your street and ask to be plowed.
  • Olde Mill was named a “Hidden Gem” neighborhood in the Baltimore Sun! We have preserved a scan of the article. The web version is at the Sun’s Real Estate Wonk Blog with more pictures from the community.
  • President Tom Stag emailed a ballot for proposed constitutional changes around January 10th. These changes are referenced in the December 2009 Crier and will be voted upon at the February meeting. If you didn’t get a ballot please email Tom Stag via tastag a t verizon d0t net.
  • The proposed 2010 budget is posted here for consideration.

2009 News and Notes (outside of the Village Crier):

  • Santa’s visit to Olde Mill was cancelled for 12/19 because of the heavy snow! Food Collections for NCEON were made to the Hair Expressions salon. Thanks to all who donated.
  • The schedule for Santa’s 2009 Visit to Olde Mill can be found here in .pdf format.
  • The decision memo for the Wade Property was released on 7/31 and is available here.
  • Wade Property/Snyder Homes info page has been updated with new image of proposal.
  • FOOM (Friends of Olde Mill) will be participating in a quarter auction on Saturday, July 11, at the Masonic Lodge, 11 Crain Hwy. N, Glen Burnie from 7 to 9 p.m. This nonprofit will use all proceeds to maintain and renovate the playground. Please support this activity by attending and bringing your flyer from the delivered June issue of the Crier. You can also come and state that you are there for the nonprofit FOOM fundraiser for Olde Mill. For more information call 410-987-1239.
  • The first mosquito control newsletter is available here. (.pdf reader software needed)
  • Our application for adult mosquito control services has been received by the Maryland Department of Agriculture, and we have been accepted into their 2009 program. This year our assigned night of the week isThursday. On Thursday nights between the hours of 7:30 PM and 3:30 AM one of their technicians will visit the community. Spraying will start on June 4th and end on September 24th.
    Residents should bring in their pets and stay in the house during these hours.
  • The old Community Photo Album has been removed from the website.
  • The Anne Arundel County Fire Department has established a Fee for Service hotline concerning EMS Transport billing for members of the public who may have questions concerning the transport billing program. Interested persons with questions should be directed to call 410-222-8367 (8EMS) and leave their name and contact number. In addition, the Frequently Asked Questions document has been placed on the county fire department website.
  • Easter Egg Hunt Scheduled: Saturday, April 4 at 1PM at Barlowe Field with a rain date of Sunday, April 5. Please register your child in advance so we can make sure we have the right amount of eggs filled! To donate candy call Charlene at 410-729-1643, and to register your child, call Sarah at 410-987-1239.
  • Sidewalk repair by Barlowe Concrete Company–they will be repairing sidewalks during the week of March 16. Residents are asked not to park in front of blocks marked with an ORANGE “X”.
  • The 2009 Proposed Budget is available here in .pdf format.

2008 News and Notes (outside of the Village Crier):

  • Flea Market/Yard Sale on Saturday Sept 13 from 8AM to 2PM at Barlowe Field. Rain Date is Saturday Sept 20. More info at the Friends of Olde Mill (FOOM)
  • Elections for VOMCA Officers is at the October 1 meeting. Contact the Board using the “Contact the Board” links above or below if you are interested in a position.
  • Rick Porter has found a set of keys in his front yard. He would like to return them. The key ring has a blue fob that says Old Mill Patriots. He has asked all his neighbors but it is not theirs. Rick can be reached at 401-987-5396 at home or 410-971-2208 on his cell.
  • The 2008 Carnival has been set for Wednesday June 4 to Saturday June 7, 6:00 p.m -11:00 p.m.
  • A 2008 Easter Egg Hunt album is online–thanks to Sarah Hakulin.
  • Important information about the Wade property development is now online.
  • The Village Crier is now online!

2007 News and Notes (including Village Crier articles):

  • December PDF
  • November PDF
  • October PDF
  • September PDF
  • September 7: Read a note from VOMCA President Tom Stag regarding the delayed completion of road resurfacing in Olde Mill.
  • Pool Town Hall Meeting held Friday September 7th.
  • August 29: There will be a “Fence Painting” party at the Pool starting at 8:00 a.m. this Saturday September 1. Come in old clothes!
  • August 19: VOMCA dinner at the Pool has been rescheduled to Sunday August 26th due to inclement weather.
  • August 14: Tom Stag reports that the Fall Festival dates have been set for October 18 through 21, with Shaw and Sons again providing the rides. POP advance ticket sales will be announced soon–stay tuned!
  • August PDF
  • July PDF
  • Anne Arundel County Web site Launches My Anne Arundel Annapolis, MD (July 17, 2007)-County Executive John R. Leopold announced today that the award-winning Anne Arundel County Web site ( will now featureMy Anne Arundel, a new Web application that allows county residents to find out what county facilities are available in their community.“This is just another way that Anne Arundel County is using our Web site to provide the best possible customer service to county residents,” said County Executive Leopold.

    My Anne Arundel can be accessed directly from the homepage of the Anne Arundel County Web site. Web users can simply type in their address and the My Anne Arundel feature provides residents with on-the-spot information such as their council district, road district, public safety information, and waste management services.

    In addition to getting information about the closest police and fire stations, residents can also get a crime report with their community’s crime statistics spanning the last three years.

  • June PDF
  • May PDF
  • April PDF
  • A Thank You from Chief of Police James Teare, Sr. for our Donation.
  • March PDF
  • February PDF
  • January PDF

2006 News and Notes:

  • The 2007 budget was approved at the December meeting and is available online for reference.
  • Charlene Connery has made available the Old Mill Neighbors website for community use.
  • See some pictures from our successful Fall Festival linked here.
  • Tickets for the Olde Mill Fall Festival featuring Shaw & Sons carnival rides will be on sale at the WaWa between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m. on October 9th and 10th. They are $10 a person, which is a $5 savings over the door price. Call Tom Stag at 410-729-8558 or Sarah Hakulin at 410-987-1239 if you can’t make it to the WaWa to buy your tickets. The festival is Thursday 10/12 through Sunday 10/15.
  • The Bylaws revisions passed except for one section. The VOMCA Bylaws have been updated accordingly.
  • For those interested in voting for Officers but who cannot be at the October meeting:
    The dates for absentee voting are September 27 to October 4. Absentee ballots will be available at 8240 Ahearn Rd. Please call 410-987-1239 prior to coming to vote to make sure someone will be there. Ballots will be generally available from 10:00 AM until 7:00 PM. Absentee voting closes at 6:00 PM on the day of election, October 4.
    The ballot will have space for write-in-candidates, however, people can be nominated or nominate themselves from the floor on the day of election.
  • Proposed bylaws changes can be viewed here. These changes will be discussed and voted upon at the October 4th meeting.
  • Delegate Sophocleus sent us information about the MD Sex Offender Movement Alert Express System. You can learn more about it via the link.
  • We added a new link to Family Watchdog, a site tracking registered offenders of violent crimes. It’s a nationwide site, so please pass it on to your friends and relatives in other parts of the country.
  • Our website moved to on 3/2/06.

2005 News and Notes:

  • Note: for the ’05-’06 school year we are meeting in the Guidance Office of OMHS. Should be easier to hear!
  • Thanks to all our volunteers and attendees of the Olde Mill Community Swim Day at the Pool held July 9th! Even though it wasn’t a huge turnout, we raised some money for the playground equipment fund and a great time was had by all. Thanks to the members of the Millersville Business to Business group for the donated prizes that were raffled off.
  • VOMCA is going to try and get money from the Aviation Zone Transportation fund to pay for sidewalk repairs in the same way as we got the speed humps on Chalet Drive paid for last year.
  • We are also going to use Councilman Middlebrooks to get resurfacing of roads in Olde Mill done this year. Again, your specific suggestions would be appreciated.
  • At our January meeting, we had a informative visit from Corporal Meyer of the County Police, Eastern District. He reminded us that for any problem in the County that requires police assistance, residents should call911. There is no longer any “non-emergency” number. The more that residents call in suspicious activity or vandalism, the easier it is for our police to serve us better.

2004 News and Notes:

  • The FOOM team collected enough Wisk Points to get a “Second Prize” which should be $1000 worth of sporting equipment. We have not yet officially received word of the prize.
  • From John Tilden via email:
    The Friends of Olde Mill have entered the "Win a Dream Ballfield" contest from Wisk.  
    I have created a 'team' called "Friends of Olde Mill". People that get the special stickers can tell me the program
    label code, preferably by contacting me.  
    If people want to collect them and drop them off they can leave an envelope for me at home.  
    I will enter them on the website for the Olde Mill team.  If we win, we get stuff for Barlowe Field.  
    The grand prize is a major field makeover and a visit from Cal Ripken.  Other prizes are money or 
    sporting goods.  Given the slow start of the teams entered so far, we have a great chance for 
    at least a third prize!
    I don't expect people to go crazy buying detergent but if you use Wisk and are out there needing a new bottle please remember the Olde Mill team.  And tell your friends and neighbors about the Olde Mill team!
    Thanks for indulging me.  Wouldn't it be great to meet Cal?
    John Tilden
    Friends of Olde Mill President
  • Thanks to all who made the 2004 Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Bunny visit a success–especially Charlene & the whole Stammer-Connery family!

2003 News and Notes:

  • County Neighborhood Traffic Control Project:
    More information is available in the Village Crier, or you can use our links to email us about the Safe Roads subcommittee meetings.
    (You may wish to save the .jpgs linked below to your hard drive, so you may view locally at full size, some browsers will automatically size them and they can be hard to read)

  • Two More Fundraisers sponsored by Friends of Olde Mill:
    • Poinsettia Sale–call 410-729-1017 for more information, choices between $6 and $16. Flowers must be ordered by December 1st.
    • District 32 Democratic Club Basket Bingo November 15th at Bingo World. Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the door, and a portion of the proceeds will go to FOOM. Contact Charlene Stammer Connery at 410-729-1643 to buy tickets!
  • Our Safe Roads survey is archived from August. Thanks to all who participated.
  • See the flier about the Barlowe BBQ here. A good time was had by all.
  • Olde Mill now has an ongoing project to improve the Barlowe Field playground. We are interested in donations of time, money, brains, and brawn. One way to help is to buy Tupperware! Contact Lisa England (410-987-1855), by e-mail at, or through her Tuppercouple site and tell her you are interested in the Barlowe Field fundraiser.
  • On April 12, the Easter Bunny visited Olde Mill! Our thanks to Charlene Stammer Connery for organizing.

2002 News and Notes:

  • The corporation that owns the local 7-Eleven wants to erect a permanent 14-foot sign advertising 7-Eleven and the other businesses of the shopping center. The Board is opposed to this sign and has written to 7-Eleven expressing their opposition. Residents are encouraged to call 7-Eleven’s Market Manager, Nancy Wade, at 1-800-442-0711, ext. 104 and individually express your displeasure.
  • Due to burglaries in the Olde Mill area, we encourage everyone to lock your doors and windows at night and to call 911 if you suspect something out-of-the-ordinary. The Police Department will schedule a home safety inspection upon request–call 410-222-7233 for more details.
  • Having problems with pets in the neighborhood? Call Animal Control, 410-222-6690. If you’re willing to say you saw it, they’ll make your neighbor clean up after their pet.