Pool Grounds Vandalized

A post from VOMCA President Sarah Hakulin:
On September 7th, our pool was trashed  by unknown persons.  Lawn chairs, flower pots, line roller, tables and a grill with the propane attached, storage bins and assorted pool gear were tossed in the pool.
A table with 4 chairs with flower pots on each chair sat in the middle of the wading pool with a pizza box on it , 2 noodles and an open umbrella in the middle!  An unbelievable sight….a speaker was tossed on the concrete, torn from the roof.
A passerby called a board member to report what she thought was trash in the pool. When the board member got to the pool, she found the trash was still in the cans but they were in the pool too!  At that point she called me and I came down.  Board members put information out on Facebook and a number of members came down to help with the cleanup.
I would like to thank all those who participated in the clean up on behalf of VOMCA and the Swim Club.  All of you who came were awesome and I appreciate all you did.

If anyone knows of anyone who could have committed these destructive acts, please call Cpl Brumfield of the Eastern District Police at 410-222-6145.  You can also contact VOMCA board members via board@vomca.org or call 410-987-1239.  There are pictures below.

photo 2 photo 3 photo 1

Member Help for OMSC Needed ASAP!

Rick Behringer has asked me to send an email requesting help with repair and maintenance of the pool after 2PM on Sunday April 19.  Help will also be needed next weekend, April 24th, 25th and 26th.
The pump to drain the water was put into the pool today and there is some work to be done on the wall and step of the pool so far.  When the water drains, we will see what else might need repair.
Plumber needed to work on hot water line in snack shed…new lines need to be run.
The following list of chores and maintenance needs to be done before the pool can open and pass inspection on May 23:
  • Yard maintenance–grass cutting, spreader for weed & feed, seeding
  • Guard chair painting
  • Deck cleaning
  • Remove grass from between cement grooves
  • New grill purchase
  • Repairs to Wading pool
  • Bench staining
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Painting
  • General cleaning
  • etc
  • Plant flowers
Anyone who can help, please email board@vomca.org
Thank you for your time,
Sarah Hakulin